A Conversation With John DeFendis

Weight Loss and Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee, John DeFendis is the Founder of the Ultra Fit nutrition and exercise program. In addition to international recognition as a weight loss and fitness expert, DeFendis has been a spiritual and motivational speaker, professional athlete, performance/lifestyle coach for over 34 years, and has guided thousands of Americans in the definition and achievement of their professional and personal objectives. His philosophy of “Relentless Pursuit” can best be illustrated by his defined objective of a Mr. USA title, committed to paper at age thirteen, and ultimately achieved in 1988 at age thirty. More than a generation of short-term emotion, DeFendis initiates sustained, quantifiable achievement with the individuals and organizations with which he works.

DeFendis developed Ultra Fit 28 years ago and executes the program through a national team of personal trainers. Ultra Fit is tweight loss, toning and shaping, and anti-aging program available and since its development, has produced tens of thousands of success stories. The program is responsible for results which include the loss of 100 pounds or more by hundreds of Americans in the last 2 years alone, and has been featured on a number of major television programs and networks including Hard Copy (4 times), ABC TV’s 20/20 with Barbara Walters, Fox News, CNN, CBS, & ABC News, ESPN, The Joan Rivers Show, and NBC Sports.

Mr. USA John DeFendis
~ Ultra Fit Founder & Director ~

  • Weight Loss & Fitness Expert
  • Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Trainer of the Year – 9 Years
  • Trainer of Champions
  • Celebrity Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Author & Speaker

John DeFendis Bio:

  • Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Expert
  • Fitness Hall of Fame (Inducted in 2007)
  • Life Coach