Adam Cooke: Topsoil Kitchen & Market

Our mission at Topsoil Restaurant is to serve our guests with healthy, local food grown in our community in a more meaningful way. Our classroom is our 16-acre farm 2.5 miles down the road in Greenville, SC, and our mentors are a handful of passionate neighboring farmers. This endeavor has given us a valuable perspective and respect for the hard work that small farms do daily to put food on our tables. We have gained a sincere reverence for the local ingredients we choose and we believe locally grown food just tastes better!

Every month our team tours an Upstate SC farm and we walk the fields with the farmer to see what’s growing and what’s coming up.  That farm is then featured in our monthly plant based supper club and on our menu.  

Topsoil Restaurant is something much more than a restaurant, it is a love letter to long growing seasons here in South Carolina and hard-working small farmers.  Our guests can look forward to memorable meals, worth the drive.  We look forward to sharing this with you every time you visit.  We hope you dig it!