John Sterling

As a sales trainer, manager, and serial entrepreneur, John is known for mentoring sales reps with zero business experience so they become high-six- and seven-figure salespeople. John built software startup DataStream into a publicly traded company that sold to Infor for over $200 million. As Vice President of Sales, John and his team managed acquisitions in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, and Australia, becoming the biggest technology company in South Carolina. During that time, John hired and trained over 150 sales reps, sixty of whom are now business owners, CEOs, or Sales VPs. Currently, John is owner of and investor in technology companies in the Southern United States and consults with business owners and their sales teams to crush quota. John captained The Citadel college basketball team, played against Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, and played professional basketball in Ireland. After basketball (and Guinness), John began his sales career in Silicon Valley in computer software. On weekends, John can be found around Greenville, South Carolina, jazz clubs playing the saxophone. Take your technology sales team from noobs to pros at